29 Jul 2014

Interview with Edward Hartline

Welcome to the first installment of Review Rhino's Interviews!! 10 hard hitting questions designed to extract some honesty, some insight, and some humor!

First up we have a young artist by the name of Edward Hartline who kindly offered to be our first victim... I mean interviewee. Edward hails from Alabama, USA and has been honing his craft since the age of 11. Now 18, he is a seasoned artist with a southern US tour and four independent releases under his belt. Enjoy the following look into Edward's world as a Folk/Americana artist. We certainly enjoyed his music so be sure to check him out!

1. What is your latest news? New releases, breakups, arrests, social media regrets etc? 
I’ve got bronchitis, apparently. I’ve been taking meds nonstop for weeks. I’m looking at doing a new CD in the next year, with a band. I’ve been single since January, so if there are any women out there between 17 and 40 who want a song written about them, hit me up.

2. Do you buy your own eyeliner for shows or borrow it from a friend? 
I’ve been known to use my sister’s...

3. What's your poison before and after a show? Drugs, alcohol, underage groupies, pizza etc? 
I can’t eat before, but after a show I like to swing by Taco Bell and get a Cantina Bowl. They stop serving them at 11 pm, though, so I often have to go without.

4. Fool Proof is a great song - what is the inspiration and story behind it? 
Thanks! It’s actually a conversation between a sex worker and a man who’s trying to “reform” her, but doesn’t quite get it. Because the entire song is dialogue, it’s hard to follow without the back story.

5. Of all the artists/bands you have shared a stage with, who were the nicest and who were the biggest assholes? 
I’ve recently played two shows with Von Grey, a super cool group of sisters, and they’re some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve ever met.  I won’t drop any names for the assholes, but I have had to reintroduce myself to a band that I almost went on tour with, and I had a guy from another band tell me that I had a lot of work ahead of me but I was on the right track, when he hadn’t even seen me play...

6. What's your thoughts on the current music scene in general and in particular your Americana genre? Who are the most overrated and underrated artists out there? 
The scene sucks and Americana in particular. It’s just a huge umbrella. A lot of people are falling under the genre because there isn’t a real genre out there for a lot of the indie artists (myself included). We have to get swept up under an inaccurate label if we want to survive.
No comment on the second half just in case I meet a successful Americana artist in the near future that wants to work with me.

7. As an artist, what is your greatest achievement so far and what was the lowest point (aside from this interview)? 
Highest point: I’ve been able to share the stage with a few of my biggest influences, and they didn’t leave during my set.
Lowest point: I’ve had a few tours that didn’t quite pan out as expected, and I had to let a few people down.

8. What drives you to be a successful artist? What made you want to take the hard road to rockstardom? 
I’ve been singing all my life, and now I’ve gotten to a point where people pay me to do my hobby. If I could get someone to fund my love for comics, I’d do that, too.

9. If you played in a black metal band, what is your band-name and what would you call your first album? 
King Smegma – Giant Fucking Gender Robots Vol. II

10. For those who have never heard of you, what is the best reason you can give them to check you and your music out? Whats the best place to hit you up? 
It can’t hurt to look me up. Worst case scenario is you think I suck. You can find my stuff at www.edwardhartline.net All links are there.

Thanks Edward! Some definite gold. We did get a good laugh out of the Black Metal answer. It also sounds like he is up for some cougar action so get out to his shows foxy mama's. Those Von Grey sisters are very cute too. Nice to see a nerdy comic book side - knew he couldn't be as cool as he was letting on. Go check him out music lovers, you will not be disappointed.

21 Jul 2014

Our first artist interview is coming!

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12 Jan 2014

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20 Nov 2013

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